Agylytyx Announces Application Description Contest Winner

Sunnyvale, CA – February 10, 2015 – Agylytyx, a provider of business analytics software for finance and strategy departments in large enterprises, announced that the company had named Omair Akhtar winner of its “Describe This” contest. The Contest asked participants to view a 15 minute demonstration of the product, then asked a series of market research questions, the first of which was “how would you describe what you just to your peers?”

Over 40 participants took part in this exercise, which was held entirely online. The demographics of the participants varied widely. Scott Gripenstraw, the Director of Marketing for Agylytyx noted: “Our participants varied from Board members of public companies to entry level finance people. They were also very well distributed geographically, by industry, ethnicity, and age.”

Scott continued: “The terms we heard most frequently were: self-service, platform, and research creator. The only real common thread among the participants was that most of them, 75% or so, were from Fortune 500 companies. In the end we choose Omair’s response as the most clear, concise, powerful answer. Although most of our respondents were from the finance industry, Omair was in an entirely different field at one of the world’s best companies.”

In addition to both undergraduate and MA degrees in speech communication, Omair Akhtar holds an MA in Political Science and a PhD in Marketing and Psychology from Stanford University. Omair currently works as a consumer researcher in Silicon Valley.

His winning answer was: “I’d tell my peers I just saw an application that would let us look at our data the way we want from any perspective we choose.”

About Agylytyx
Agylytyx provides enterprise business analytic software for strategy and finance departments. The company's flagship product, Agylytyx Generator, frees up analyst time and results in better decision making across corporations. Agylytyx is based in Sunnyvale, California, and has locations in Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. For more information about Agylytyx, visit www.agylytyx.com.

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