Agylytyx Announces Patent Application for Agylytyx Generator™

Sunnyvale, CA – April 30, 2015 – Agylytyx, a provider of business analytics software revealed its intellectual property protection strategy.

The Agylytyx Generator™ application employs a unique approach that is particularly useful for anyone seeking to make decisions in the face of data complexity. Agylytyx Generator users create entire analytic templates using built-in visual “building blocks,” then apply those templates to any set of data. Since the visual “building blocks” (called Constructs in the application) always work with the data in the application, the templates the user has created will always work. The results are generated instantly.

This approach means users create, save and apply entire reports, dashboards, kpi sets, even complete presentations without ever building a chart. It also means corporations can enforce governance over the way data is displayed and communicated. Perhaps most significantly, the application frees up analyst time to review and interpret visuals.

Agylytyx developed an invention which embodies this unique approach and chose to protect both the application concept and its supporting components. Igor Shoiket, partner with the firm of Dergosits and Noah - the firm who wrote and filed the patent - explained: “The company followed up its provisional patent filing last year with a full patent application. The claims in that application support both the invention and the technology necessary to support it.”

The company believes the approach is so unique that the patent is designed primarily to protect against future infringement. There are a lot of business intelligence tools on the market today, but they all rely on the same kind of metaphor for making charts and filtering data. Rahul Argade, the company’s CTO explained: “Customers are starting to understand that our unique approach makes many things possible that they never ever considered before. He continued: “For example, companies are learning about the existence and power of horizontal drilling. When they talk about “drilling” into their charts now they don’t even realize they mean vertical drilling and there is a new and much better way to “drill.” Argade concluded: “there a quite a few other key differences that the Agylytyx Generator uniquely enables and which we felt that we needed to protect.”

About Agylytyx
Agylytyx provides enterprise business analytic software. The company's flagship product, Agylytyx Generator, frees up analyst time and results in better decision making across corporations. Agylytyx is based in Sunnyvale, California, and has locations in Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. For more information about Agylytyx, visit www.agylytyx.com.

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