Agylytyx Announces Optimizer Alpha Trials

San Jose, CA – May 16, 2018 – Agylytyx today announced that it had released it alpha version of the Optimizer product. The cloud product was now available for use at a URL the company was only sharing with certain handpicked users. The users were selected based on their history of providing insightful comments to the company.

Whether or not the users were able to take advantage of the companies’ initial focus was immaterial. Users who did not have data to optimized were encouraged to generate data for testing purposes. Those who did have relevant data sets, on the other hand, were offered unlimited use of the Optimizer in exchange for their feedback.

While the product initially focused on solving for the optimal set of investments at varying levels of affordability, the company intimated that the optimizer eventually would do much more. The company has already developed a reputation for creating extensible platforms. Madison Laird, the company’s CEO explained “Our flagship product, the Agylytyx Generator, was built for corporate finance and strategy, but our clients quickly used it for analyzing elements as diverse as bond trading, customer service records, timekeeper results and IOT. He continued “we expect Optimizer to be no different – although initially designed for finance departments, the principal can be applied to stocks, elections, science, and much more.

The company declined to say how long the product would remain in alpha testing or what revisions it would make before the beta testing period, or how long it planned to test the product before offering a production version. The company indicated that quality of the product was more important than shipping a production version.

The company has already begun to receive valuable feedback that will inform its design in the beta process. Mark Chang, the company’s lead data scientist, noted “we have already processed certain comments and believe they will be essential to the product’s future development.” He continued: “making this a robust application that it worthy of beta testing is the goal of gathering comments from our alpha users.

About Agylytyx
Agylytyx provides cloud-based enterprise business analytic software. The company's flagship product, the Agylytyx Generator™, frees up analyst time and results in better decision making across corporations. Agylytyx is based in San Jose, California, and has locations in Philadelphia and Chicago. For more information about Agylytyx visit www.agylytyx.com.

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