Agylytyx Announces Beta Program Broadening Scope of the Agylytyx Generator Application

Sunnyvale, CA – August 28, 2014 – Agylytyx, a provider of business analytics software for finance and strategy departments in large enterprises, announced the company's much-anticipated beta program for non-financial applications. Through the program, the company will apply its flagship application – the Agylytyx Generator, to other common data analysis situations. By working directly with a limited number of end users, the company plans to tailor the product's Construct Library to other business disciplines as well.

Rahul Argade, the company's CTO, noted: "the Construct Library is at the heart of the product's approach. Using the prewritten queries already built into the Construct Library, one can build dozens of charts in the time it takes to produce one chart by hand using any other product." He continued: "this means that for the Agylytyx Generator to build charts automatically, the product requires a Construct Library specific to a particular business discipline."

The company's Agylytyx Generator application will continue to be applicable to finance and strategy departments, since the company's first Construct Library was built specifically for that purpose. With hundreds of pre-built Constructs, users create entire templates by leveraging pre-written queries, then apply those templates to any set of data to populate whatever Constructs may be in the template. This means that all the Constructs (usually dozens) in a template render differently when applied to one dataset (like a forecast) or another dataset (like a specific product family).

Through the creation of a built-in Construct Library for other business situations such as Customer Service, Manufacturing, or M&A, the Agylytyx Generator's approach is relevant to anyone conducting data analysis. Madison Laird, the company's CEO explained: "the Construct Library's modular nature means the Agylytyx Generator is a relevant approach for anyone doing a lot of data analysis." He continued: "our beta program for non-finance users will help us realize the vision of providing all data analysts with a truly self-service analytic template creation platform so users never have to build charts or write queries."

About Agylytyx
Agylytyx provides enterprise business analytic software for strategy and finance departments. The company's flagship product, Agylytyx Generator, frees up analyst time and results in better decision making across corporations. Agylytyx is based in Sunnyvale, California, and has locations in Seattle, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. For more information about Agylytyx, visit www.agylytyx.com.

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