Agylytyx Announces Breakthrough Analytic Patent

San Jose, CA – August 31, 2018 – Agylytyx today announced that the company’s breakthrough approach to visual data discovery had been granted a patent. The approach, in which companies do not create charts but instead build their own dashboards, reports, or scorecards using built-in “building blocks” is an approach which only the Agylytyx Generator™ offers.

This approach has the added benefit of presentation governance. The term “governance” has become synonymous with data governance, because presentation governance is unique to the Agylytyx Generator. With the Agylytyx Generator, companies control not just the data and data access but the way in which the data is presented.

Key to this breakthrough is the Agylytyx Generator’s Construct Library approach. The company’s built in Construct Library is what customers use to create what the company calls “Frameworks,” a collection of “building blocks” from the Construct Library. Agylytyx data scientists use a separate internal tool known as the Construct Builder™ to populate the Construct Library and to customize it to a client’s desired configuration. The patent protects the company’s “Construct Builder” application as well.

The company maintains a databank of constructs. Constructs are deployed from this databank to client implementations. There is no theoretical upper limit to the number of Constructs in a single implementation, although management indicated that 50 to 350 seems to be the common range. The more Constructs the company builds, the less it must build as the Construct databank grows.

The company noted that so far it the databank contains Constructs for corporate finance, financial services, law firms, customer services cases, industrial devices/IOT, and polling data.

“There is no alternative using another BI application or even a spreadsheet.” said Madison Laird, the company’s CEO and co-inventor. He continued: “the best proxy available would be to build your own charts and make many different dashboards, then spend thousands of hours of tedious work to copy and paste each dashboard many times adjusting the data filters each time. In fact, that was what our team used to do before we came up with this novel solution.”

The company’s principals had the idea after working in the corporate finance department at one of the world’s largest companies. Despite having access to large financial systems and BI tools, they were unable to generate business insights as quickly as any of us would have liked. The Agylytyx Generator™ was invented in response to the need to accelerate answers.

The company’s patent, Systems and Methods for Applying Constructs to a Received Data Set (14/700,956) was filed April 2015 and granted in July 2018. The company filed a provisional patent (61/986,768) on April 2014.

About Agylytyx
Agylytyx provides cloud-based enterprise business analytic software. The company's flagship product, the Agylytyx Generator™, frees up analyst time and results in better decision making across corporations. Agylytyx is based in San Jose, California, and has locations in Philadelphia and Chicago. For more information about Agylytyx visit www.agylytyx.com.

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