Agylytyx Explains the IOT-Finance Nexus

San Jose, CA – December 18, 2017 – For the first time, a link between financial budgeting, strategy, and companies involved in the internet of things (IOT) was revealed by Agylytyx. The application of analytics to IOT was noted by the publication Semiconductor Engineering who wrote that the purpose behind pointing the company’s Generator product at IOT data was to “aggregate and present IOT data in a decision-ready format.” While it is true that the product’s groundbreaking approach to analytics was highly applicable to IOT data, Agylytyx management discovered in the months following its decision to point the Agylytyx Generator “on industrial process data” that there was a non-analytic connection to that same application when pointed to financial data. Companies who rely IOT data can and should link that IOT data to financial data on which budgeting and strategy are made.

The company’s focus has always been to link financial budgeting with strategic direction. By making pictures from financial data, the company’s Generator product turned strategy into executable operational budgets, while simultaneously limiting a company’s strategic options to the ones which were actually attainable. In doing so, Agylytyx created a product capable of forging a link between strategy and execution – a feat that has not been achieved through software applications.

In pointing the Agylytyx Generator at IOT implementations, the company learned that there were effects on both company’s financial budget and on its strategic choices. The company found that the financial linkage and strategic linkage were both due to several factors. Agylytyx was able to isolate and explain some of these factors.

On the financial side, companies with a reliance on industrial machines, for example, are impacted by IOT-type monitoring on their budget forecast for several reasons. First, their operational impact is affected when they are able to monitor their equipment more carefully. Second, their financials are often dramatically affected as they extend the life of their equipment or even transition into a leasing or subscription model. Third, enhanced visibility into performance data allows then to fine-tune operating forecasts with even greater precision.

On the strategic side, Agylytyx explained that companies were able to enhance their directional decision making for several reasons. First, companies were able to project their strategic roadmap more accurately when they gained a greater understanding of the way their IOT assets were deployed. Second, the increased recognition and extension of the useful life of assets made the companies more likely to formulate and embrace alternate strategies. Third, the increased visibility into asset management made companies realize with even more granularity what was possible to achieve, bounding their strategic options to what was attainable with the assets.

The concomitant effect of the financial and strategic links made IOT come together with the company’s roots. Where the company had originally seen IOT as a purely analytics play, the link between IOT and finance ran much more deeply. The company’s CEO, Madison Laird, explained: “We originally pointed our invention at the analysis of IOT data, and confirmed that our breakthrough approach to analytics allowed companies to look at their IOT data as never before. Laird continued “we were pleasantly surprised to discover that IOT data is vital to company’s decision making at the budget and strategy level also.”

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