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The only thing worse than bad news in business is being surprised by the bad news and finding out when it's too late to do anything about it.

The Funding Profile Autosense product monitors your existing data streams so you can develop proactive strategies towards your investments. Funding Profile Autosense uses collective inferencing and artificial intelligence to help you learn about what kinds of investments are empirically more likely to succeed. It can also detect and alert to different financial conditions before they emerge.

Unfortunately, the amount of information we amass, and the pace at which data accumulates are increasing in every part of a company. When we are successful at mining this data, it just means an explosion of reports, charts, and graphs. Our clients tell us that detecting and remediating business trends in this environment is actually becoming more difficult when it should be getting easier.

Agylytyx takes an entirely different approach to mining big data, and to identifying business trends and challenges. Praveen Asthana, VP of Enterprise Strategy and Marketing at Dell argues that "big insights" are much more relevant than "big data." Agylytyx Solutions monitor data as it accumulates, constantly watching for trends worth investigating and alerting appropriate parties with early notification of "big insights."

Early Detection 
Downside surprises should never happen. Learning about actionable opportunities can make a company thrive. Learning about challenges and opportunities early can mean the difference between success or failure in a market segment, earnings estimate, product pricing, inventory levels, staffing utilization, sales pipeline management – just about any business problem around which there are complex data trends. The philosophy guiding Agylytyx products and services emphasizes identification of emerging business trends and opportunities resident in data across a company.

Remedial Action
Many "business intelligence" solutions actually raise more questions than they answer. Understanding why a particular trend is occurring – root cause analysis – is usually the hardest part.  True "decision-ready" data is actionable – it doesn't just paint a picture, it tells a story that decision makers can act on. Companies that understand the root causes for the trends that they see are the ones who will experience excellent performance. Big data mining and business intelligence firms promise to produce business insights – but usually produce more charts, graphs and reports – exactly what most analysts don't need. Agylytyx consulting and software provides solutions which yield actionable business insights Agylytyx Products and Services stress the need to provide truly "decision ready" data that answer the questions as to why trends are occurring so action can be taken.

Exponential Learning
Our deep expertise is in portfolio management. We can help recognize and diagnose common business problems. But not as well as you probably can do for your business. But machines that learn from us will naturally exceed our abilities to predict and diagnose the problems that are common to our business. With each click, our software learns. And it thinks and executes faster than any of us can. It does the heavy lifting, so we can sit back and analyze the ever improving results.

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