Frequently Asked Questions

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We have put together a list of questions that we hope will provide you with a basic understanding of Agylytyx, how they are used, why use Agylytyx, etc. Feel free to contact us with additional questions. Click on the questions below for their responses.

What is a Funding Profile?

How are Agylytyx used?

What are some best practices for building a Framework?

Why does budget reallocation have to be so complicated?

What do you mean by constructs?

How often should I change my Framework?

How many constructs should I select for my profile?

Are there some example profiles that I can look at?

Is there is an ideal Framework?

Can't I just use a spreadsheet to build my Framework?

Can't we reallocate our budget without using a Framework approach?

Who is Ramlam, the company you portray?

Isn't this mostly services related?

How long does the application take to configure/deploy?

How are you different than Business Intelligence (BI) companies?


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