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The Agylytyx Generator creates customized presentations for any business constituent using data from the plan, actual, forecast, scenarios, or long range plans. This same data is viewed different ways by different audiences. For example, a channel executive and a business unit general manager usually have very different sets of strategic concerns. Because of their different perspectives, they will look at the same data set differently. By applying custom-built strategic Frameworks to any set of data, the Agylytyx Generator quickly and easily builds decision-ready analytic output.

Presentations are generated when Frameworks are matched with Datasets. Choosing any Dataset and Framework combination results in a presentation being generated. For example, choosing a Framework called Business Unit Smith and a Dataset called Asia Pacific Region Channels would result in a complete presentation for a particular business unit called Smith that showed only data by channel for the Asia Pacific portion of that particular business unit. Use Agylytyx Generator to:

Generate entire presentations with a few mouse clicks

Create unlimited combinations of presentations

Develop targeted presentations for specific business constituents

Compare presentations through side by side view

Print or Export output

funding profile

Using any Framework (“lens”) to view any Dataset (“slice”) and create a Funding Profile (“output”).

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