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Application Architecture
The Agylytyx Generator follows the model-view-controller pattern for software design. The tool has been built using W3C compliant software technology leveraging HTML, CSS, JavaScript JQuery and JSON. Adhering to these standards enables flexibility, extensibility, and cross-browser support.

Application Security
The application leverages standard Forms Based Authentication. Active Directory™ integration for this application is a valid alternative. The application implements granular role based authentication. Users with administrative privileges can provision and manage users and roles. Authoring users can create and build analytical constructs. By default, data is assigned to users who create and upload datasets.

Explicit sharing must be initiated to enable other users to view models. Data authorization is respected regardless of sharing attempts. This role-based data security approach ensures data privacy for sensitive information within the enterprise.

Network Security
Agylytyx employs state of the art testing tools for security and penetration testing using industry standard static application security testing (SAST) tools. These tools enable developers to create security code from the outset, and ensure that the application will not be compromised.

Agylytyx hosts their cloud solution in a Top Tier SSAE 16 type II data center facilities. These facilities provide highly reliable and stable redundant power and telecom. The center is monitored 24 x 7 and is highly physically secure in order to prevent unauthorized entry. The Security Operations Center monitors for intrusion detection and ensure that all access to these systems are audited and tracked.

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