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Agylytyx Generator
Do you spend too much time analyzing data and building charts and not enough time finding actionable business insights? That is exactly why we created the Agylytyx Generator, the only template creation platform that eliminates the need to write queries and build charts. This video provides an explanation of the Agylytyx Generator.

Agylytyx Generator – Application Overview
This video is an overview of the Agylytyx Generator application. The video covers the three basic steps in using the application -- building Frameworks, building Datasets, and creating Agylytyx.

Agylytyx Generator – Construct Overview
This video explains what Constructs are, how they are used to create Frameworks, and how they are organized and customized. Using an example Construct, this video explains how Constructs are displayed and what guidance is included. The video concludes with an explanation of the three ways a Construct can be located, including the browse, search, and filter functions.

Agylytyx Generator – Framework Overview
This video provides a glimpse into the use and application of Frameworks. Included is an explanation of how to edit the Constructs within a Framework using the Framework workspace, and how to associate Datasets with a Framework. Creating, Renaming, and Deleting Frameworks is also covered.

Agylytyx Generator – Dataset Overview
This video shows how to manage Datasets within the Agylytyx Generator. Integrated data is used to create Datasets. This video explains how to create and manage datasets, as well as edit them and associate them to Frameworks.

Agylytyx Generator – Output Overview
This video provides a glimpse into the output capabilities of the Agylytyx Generator. Covered topics include how to create a Funding Profile, how to view data, how to create a Funding Profile using a different perspective on the same data, how to drill into numerical data, and how to compare Agylytyx.


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